San Miguel Lifestyle Brews: Beer that fits your lifestyle

When we think about beer, San Miguel is a label we surely wouldn’t miss. San Mig Light, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, impossible not to know about them right? San Miguel has brought a line of beers to our thirsty table, the San Miguel Lifestyl Brews! A line of beers that aim to match your personality with their daring flavors. San Miguel Lifestyle Brews is composed of the following: Premium All-Malt, Super Dry and Cerveza Negra.

1st on the list is the San Miguel Premium All-Malt. It is a beer crafted with just a right amount of bitterness with a rich and refreshing flavor. This would go really well for parties and clubs where you bust your move on the dance floor!


PRINT_PAM (new copy)

Premium All-Malt

2nd is the San Miguel Super Dry. The San Miguel Super Dry gives out a very strong flavor from the hops where it is made from. It leaves a lingering taste on the tongue that is strong and very crisp. I believe this would fit those who would drink along with food or what we locally call “pulutan”.


PRINT_DRY (new copy)

Super Dry

Lastly, Cerveza Negra that is made with roasted malt. It gives a very rich and thick dark flavor from the mixture of caramel and roasted malt. You can even see how very rich the beer is with its foam once poured into a mug. The aroma and taste is very rich that it gives a thick and very elegant smell. The taste is dark and sweet, it captivates my palate very well!

PRINT_NEGRA (new copy)

Cerveza Negra

For more info on how these brews are made by San Miguel, better check-out this awesome San Miguel Lifestyle Brews ad!

Wanna know how these brews come into our favorite bottles ? Here’s a step-by-step info graph on how they are created!


Lifestyle Brews - How Brews are Made FINAL (100713)



From all the 3 San Miguel Lifestyle Brews, I find myself liking Cerveza Negra the most. I can’t really put a direct hold on why I like it the best, but I find the taste to be spot on with my taste buds. The sweet dark flavor gives me a natural feel of the beer that is very smooth yet has a strong flavor. The caramel and roasted malt mixes perfectly to give that dark beer flavor that is sweet. It also fits my lifestyle since I am an active young man who is very adventurous, spontaneous and unique! The unique character and flavor of the Cerveza Negra definitely matches my own lifestyle!


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