Café Shibuya: Shibuya Toasts Satisfying From Breakfast ’til Dessert

When I was in Tokyo a year back, I always loved the dishes and desserts in Japan that was both very pleasing to the eyes and palate. The desserts were mouthwatering! Going around Shibuya, the “Shibuya Toast” style was one thing that always amazed me. This style seems very simple, and yet the taste and flavors are really just scrumptious and layered! Café Shibuya in U.P. Town Center brings the “Shibuya Toast” style here in the country, and they bring it with their own special twists.


Café Shibuya is located at U.P. Town Center along Katipunan Ave. They opened their doors just a month ago and is now serving Shibuya Toasts in their own unique way. The have their own style of Shibuya Toasts that branches away from the usual Shibuya Toast dessert style and turns them into dishes good for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The interior is similar to a hole-in-a-wall café, except that Café Shibuya makes use of bright lighting that creates a very happy and homey feel, specially at night. I love how the interior gives a positive aura since it goes hand-in-hand with the dishes that also give out bright and happy colors!


Café Shibuya‘s line of Shibuya Toasts that are viable as meals, are scrumptious and fulfilling! They have their own flare to the Eggs Benedict with their Shibuya Benedict which is infused with the Shibuya Toast style, as well as the Japanese way of cooking eggs topped with Shiitake mushrooms. I had the Tonkatsu with Mango Mayo due to how I was so intrigued how the “Shibuya Toast” style would work with Katsu. The taste was nicely infused together even with the toast beneath and paired with a slab of Tonkatsu, the Mango Mayo sauce made sure that the toast would match the Tonkatsu. The noticeable buttery infusion in the toast made the Mango Mayo sauce lighter and more delectable. It was a nice mixture that balanced out each other. I really liked it personally!


We also tried out Café Shibuya‘s pastas. I am a person who is very very peculiar with Mentaiko flavored dishes since I know and I love the real Mentaiko flavor when I was staying in Tokyo. I was really preparing myself on judging their Mentaiko pasta, and surprisingly, they did a good job on it. I prefer Café Shibuya‘s Mentaiko Pasta over Yomenya Goemon’s Mentaiko Pasta that was just terrible.


For the Café Shibuya drinks, I had the Green Tea Frappe. I liked the Green Tea Frappe, but I loved the Below Zero Chocolate Frappe much more though. The Below Zero Chocolate Frappe is made from Ghirardelli chocolates!


Moving to the Café Shibuya desserts, they may seem like they are simple, but once you taste into them, you find how the toast is a key point into the entire dessert itself. The Café Shibuya toasts are made to match each type of dessert. From the chocolate variants, honey and Nutella, the toasts are fit to ignite the taste of Café Shibuya’s desserts. The Café Shibuya Shibuya Toast desserts are topped off with ice cream and had the signature Shibuya Toast bread. Of course we just had to order something with chocolate, who doesn’t love chocolate? Haha!


I would definitely comeback to Café Shibuya, to be honest, I just went back with some relatives just a week after hahahaha! Café Shibuya doesn’t only give a different yet satisfying taste to your palate, Café Shibuya also fills your stomach to the brim with their generous servings! Come drop by soon.

Here are some more drool worthy photos:










6 thoughts on “Café Shibuya: Shibuya Toasts Satisfying From Breakfast ’til Dessert

    • Hi! Thank you!!! 😀 Price is pretty good for such a nice place and heavy on the stomach dishes 🙂 for the savory toasts and pastas, price is around P220-P250 🙂 for the desserts, small servings are at around P180-P190 and the regular is around P225-P235 🙂 you’ll come out of Cafe Shibuya full to the brim, trust me :))

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