Café Shibuya: Shibuya Toasts Satisfying From Breakfast ’til Dessert

When I was in Tokyo a year back, I always loved the dishes and desserts in Japan that was both very pleasing to the eyes and palate. The desserts were mouthwatering! Going around Shibuya, the “Shibuya Toast” style was one … Continue reading

REVIEW: Elekit TU-HP01 Portable Hybrid Tube Amplifier

You guys know how much of an audiophile I am, of course I’d have to try whatever audio gadget I can to find the best one that suits me and apparently, it’s a never ending upgrading cycle. Coming from the … Continue reading

Single Shot: My former audiophile collection

Single Shot: My former audiophile collection

Clockwise: Sennheiser HD598, Audeze LCD-2 with Whiplash Audio V3 Hybrid cables, AKG Q701, Furutech ADL Cruise, Earsonics SM3, Unique Melody Miracle custom in-ear monitors, iPod Classic 160gb, Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo, ALO Audio RxMkIII-b, ALO Audio SXC Interconnect.